Road map

by Gastro

Road Map

2021 Q1

  • Start of project. Website release and presale. [COMPLETED]

2021 Q2

  • Launch of GastroCoin (GTC) [COMPLETED]
  • Setup of social media and Discord [COMPLETED]
  • Release of Masternode [COMPLETED]
  • Listing on first exchanges [COMPLETED]
  • Masternode server listing [COMPLETED]

2021 Q3

  • Start of Commercial Campaing with agency based in London and USA. [COMPLETED]
  • First cooperation with internet wineshops.
  • Listings on more exchanges and service listings. [COMPLETED]
  • Release of the first restaurants reviews on the website from the members.

2021 Q4

  • First cooperation with restaurants, farmers, growers and other suppliers of food and beverage.
  • Improve and implementing new features on website like the member area for restaurant reviewers.

2022 Q1

  • Introducing the Gastro Award. See below.
  • Fully running webstore and gallery at

2022 Q2      TBC Soon