New wallet 3.0 is here

by Gastro

The new wallet is finally here. It’s a mandatory update.

:gtc: WINDOWS 64
:gtc: WINDOWS 32
:gtc: LINUX
:gtc: MACOS
:gtc: AARCH 64
:gtc: AARCH 32 


The following improvements were also introduced:

  • Multinode capability;
  • UI privacy mode;
  • Staking improvements (staking needs to be activated to be used);
  • Staking hash rate report on the dashboard;
  • Start Staking by clicking on the Staking Button for QT users only;
  • Last paid V2 (needs activation by spork);
  • Masternode payment V2 (needs activation by spork);
  • Reconsider Window (needs activation by spork);
  • Masternode collateral seven days window (needs activation by spork);
  • Allows several MNs on the same IP (needs activation by spork);
  • speeds up the masternode count operation;
  • seamless MN upgrade between protocols;
  • adds support for multinode hot reloading;
  • adds locking and improvements to the CActiveMasternodeMan class;
  • reload the activemasternode.conf file on startmasternode local;