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"Gastronomy gives memories. It creates history and builds the future. Food unites and give life. Invest in tomorrow's payment solution."

For the love of Gastronomy

Gastro Coin's purpose...

is to create opportunities for restaurants to pay for their food and wine suppliers at no extra charge. The purpose is also to give private individuals the opportunity to buy wine, beer and other beverages on the Internet with the same currency, Gastro Coin. And finally, of course, to be able to pay the bill at restaurants with Gastro Coin. Gastro Coin unites the gastronomic world under one roof. In order to offer a stable and secure payment solution and a stable network, GastroCoin offers masternode solutions with generous rewards.


Pay your restaurant bill with GastroCoin

Road map

2021 Q1

  • Start of project. Website release and presale. [COMPLETED]

2021 Q2

  • Launch of GastroCoin (GTC) [COMPLETED]
  • Setup of social media and Discord [COMPLETED]
  • Release of Masternode [COMPLETED]
  • Listing on first exchanges [COMPLETED]
  • Masternode server listing [COMPLETED]

2021 Q3

  • Start of Commercial Campaing with agency based in London and USA. [COMPLETED]
  • First cooperation with internet wineshops.
  • Listings on more exchanges and service listings. [COMPLETED]
  • Release of the first restaurants reviews on the website from the members.

2021 Q4

  • First cooperation with restaurants, farmers, growers and other suppliers of food and beverage.
  • Improve and implementing new features on website like the member area for restaurant reviewers.

2022 Q1

  • Introducing the Gastro Award. See below.
  • Fully running webstore and gallery at

2022 Q2      TBC Soon

Gastro Award

GastroCoin will announce the GastroAward

During Q1 2022 GastroCoin will announce the GastroAward. Restaurant guests and professional restaurant reviewers vote together for the Best Restaurant Experiences of the Year. Categories: Best Restaurant of the Year, Best Food Supplier of the Year, Best Wine of the Year, Best Beer of the Year, Best Online Store of the Year. More categories will be added during the year. ​ More info will come very soon...

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Buy wine, beer and other beverages on the Internet shops and pay with GastroCoin.

Soon to come

Use GastroCoin to buy and order wine, champagne and beer on internet shops

More info soon...

The GastroCoin Team

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